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Venturing Out and Beginning

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marina channel After getting used to being back home and making sure I understood how much time I could venture out before I I should get back home to check on my mother,  I began to explore Los Angeles in a way I never had in the past.  I looked at it through the eyes of what essentially is the eyes of a different person.   One can take so much for granted.  While living downtown, I missed the ocean and watching the people have so much on it.  I wanted to see it again, experience it and let the environment soothe my soul.   So I jumped in my precious twenty year old car and drove to Marina Del Rey,  a harbor that has developed into an end destination recreation location for tourists and locals as well as an upscale residential enclave.

It was great to be out there and feel the ocean wind sweep across my face and enhance the sense of freedom that comes with being in that setting.  It is a place where you can get away from it all and enjoy a respite from the pressures of life.  All of that was poignant as I thought about the country being in the midst of the worse economic contraction since the Great Depression.   Yes, getting away but remaining in the present and not losing sight of the tasks that are in front of me.  Those same tasks are in front of everyone as the search for ways to rebuild themselves after much was lost in the financial and banking crisis of last year.  Many people lost their homes and their security for the future when Marina from Culver City Parkretirement accounts were wiped out.

I was lucky  I did not have a retirement account wiped out.  I was spared the shock of having my savings evaporate, through no fault of my own, and after doing the frugal diligent thing of putting money aside through a steady savings plan.  I had not done the right thing.  Therefore I had no money to lose.    Ironic, actually, and sad that people can do the right thing for decades and be back to square one.

I pondered all of these things each day I ventured out into Los Angeles enjoying the sight of  tropical foliage.    I Knocked my myself on my ass and fought the good fight and was rebuilding.  Some say that it is difficult to rebuild oneself during a time of economic crisis.  I disagree.  I believe it is the time to prosper.   But first one must survive the economic destruction and then control the emotional despair which is the cousin to destruction.  One must remain fearless in this time.  I keep telling myself that.  Be determined.  Be resolute.  Accept nothing less than to strive for excellence in self.  That is where we as  nation must start.  With self.

Venturing out and seeing the ocean was a  new adventure for me as each day has become.  At first I wondered what new job to get.    It made no sense to try and search.  It took a while to figure that out.  Everyone is different but it made no sense for me to elevate my employment level while I still had to improve on my self management and operational systems.   I fou d it was better for me to wait and invest in my human capital.   My job paid the bills and that enables me to spend time learning, growing, improving and preparing.  And that is what I have been doing for the last few months.  Striving to be excellent, to be efficient and extremely proficient.   Cut out the excess.

Inefficiency comes in the funniest  of ways.  When I purchased the my old Honda,  I received two traffic tickets within a week; I made an unsafe lane change while rushing to work; I had no seatbelt on while driving to work.   “How could this happen?” I said to myself.  It happened because I did not plan.  It happened because I was not organized at this level of operation.  Too many inefficiencies.   I paid them off.  I got parking tickets in front of my house.  I cursed the cops who gave me the tickets, “Damn them.  They did not have to do that”.   But yes they did.  That was their job and the city needs every dime it can get.  Issuing out parking tickets is an easing way to increase revenue.   So it took me a while to manage myself and stop spinning wheels.

Then of course the car hoses would spring a leak.  The engine would overheat.  I was lucky the engine did not explode.  I worried that I ruined it.  But each time my mechanic checked it out and said it was fine.  Each time I paid for the repairs so I could maintain my new level of freedom and not go backwards.  I was determined not to go backwards.  Sure it was frustrating that I could not do more things.   It was necessary to realize  I had to secure and solidify my new level of freedom before I could advance.  Moreover, securing my position advanced me forward in a more sound fashion.  It cemented my minimum floor level.  That is what people need to do in this new era .  Solidify their minimum floor level.

Fortunately  I could afford the repairs of the car.  As long as I had transportation I could get to work comfortably and get home easily on my own.  As long as I could do that, and get to my story interviews and  have enough money to buy my mother her favorite Neapolitan ice cream, then I was  happy.

It is so necessary to get out every day and have these little adventures.  It allows me to see where opportunity is.  There is tremendous opportunity out here.  But one must be open to see it.  Venturing out was a new beginning.  It allowed me to relax and enjoy along with  hunting for new opportunities, opportunities which could help me carve my niche into this new world.


Written by waltermelton

June 1, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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  1. Aloha,
    I really enjoy this post Walter no matter how many times I read it. Has a uniqueness & quality that can be shared by many.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Deb Mills

    August 13, 2009 at 11:40 pm

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