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Mother’s Day review

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me and mom christmas When one begins a new life, there are many challenges.  There is new found optimism for the future.  But many adjustments had to be made.  I was  now taking care of my mother.  That was a different twist.  Prior to January 1, I took care of only myself.  Suddenly I was taking care of my mother.  I lived downtown and rode my bike to work.  Suddenly, I found myself paying someone to take me home every night so that she knew she was not alone.  I did not want her to be alone.  It meant nothing for me to pay money each night compared to the joy I felt being there for her.  That went on for a month.  Sure, it was expensive but sooner or later it would end.  I had purchased her old Honda.  I started paying payment on it last summer and made the last one on Christmas Day.  Little did I know that Honda would be a gift to us both, allowing me to get to her without delay and run errands so that she can have  the little things, like ice cream, which brought her so much joy and pleasure.

It took the month of January to transfer title into my name and get insurance.   When that was done I took a drive with a friend of mine from  Skid Row.  We drove to Malibu.  He had never seen that part of the coast line, being from London, and I wanted to provide him with inspriration that things would change.  2009 was going to be our year.   Yes, we made that trip to Malibu and both marveled at how far we had come.  Mom and the Bear1Chris, my friend, lived in the courtyard of the Midnight Mission for nine months.  Then moved into a transitional facility and finally was able to get his own room.  His knowledge of the internet and emarketing is exceptional.  A graduate of the University of London,  he is an adept programmer.  We have plans to create internet based businesses.  More on that later.

Primarily though, my energies have been around home, getting accustomed to things and developing a system where I can write and take care of my mother’s needs and wants.   I only left, at first, to go to work and the store.   I was a little hesitant to drive as I found myself getting traffice tickets.  Apparently I needed to  pay attention to the laws as enforcement of them has become more stringent than in the past.  The tickets were costly but I made sure they were paid.  No longer was I going to have any thing new to give the court system a reason to be in my life.  So I just swore and yelled to myself about the injustice of it all.  But when it was said and done, what was important was I changed my behavior.  I had to be efficient.  In times like these, the country has to get rid of old behaviors in order to move forward.    If the behaviors do not change.  We as a nation will not change.  The same goes for me.  In order to not go backwards I must change and no matter what I had to do to get through the legal entanglements,  that was only step one.  I had to build upon that.  And that required focus and discipline.  I only learned how easy it was to put on my seat belt once I received a $138 dollar ticket for the infraction.

mom sittingBecoming efficient has been no picnic.  It was trial and error.  But it was vital.  But practice makes perfect.  Soon I was able to create a system of management that created a smooth operation.    It did not matter if I had sudden car problems.  I just got them fixed.  I had to master this stage of the new era without sliding backwards.  I already was reaching out to old friends while at home during the day.  Slowly but surely interaction with them was becoming embedded in my life.  These are guys I admire and respect but had not seen for many years as my lifestyle did not allow for it.  Just as I began making payments with the car and owned finally owned it, along with the previous process of enduring the court system, I  no longer questioned if things would happen for me.  I only knew I had to keep plugging away.  I had to begin each new process and allow for things to develop.  Nothing would happen by itself.

I was able to achieve economies of operation.  It allowed me to sit and study my mother.  What did she need?   It became clear to me that she needed to know that I loved her.  Many elderly citizens feel abandoned and discarded.  Society has no use for them.  Society is misguided and shortsighted as senior citizens and children are the precious jewels of the earth.    I have to reassure her every day that I am coming back home.  She knows she can not fend for herself and fears that she will not have anyone to look out for her.

She is lucky.  She has her son and daughter.   It amazes me how she appreciates the smallest things.  She believes it is an act of kindness.  So many of our parents know how cruel life can be.  After all, they lived through so much–World War 2, the great depression and then some.   But she raised my sister and me to have certain priorities. Thank god her lessons took hold.  She will reap the benefits of her teachings.

So on this Mother’s Day,  I celebrate all of you mothers.  You taught us well.  I learned from so many mothers.  And now I am using their lessons to rebuild my life  as the country is rebuilding itself.  Every thing starts with self and then family.  Fortunately I learned well where to start.   The family is the beginning.   The family base and communication lines became strong.   I am glad I took my time.  I stayed home and took my time.  My mother is secure is secure.  My infrastructure is sound.

That done, I began to explore, with new eyes and determination, the city in which I was raised, Los Angeles, with a ferocious focus to enjoy and build.   I am like a settler who goes out every day hunting for game.  It has become exciting.  Please read my next post as the story begins to develop in ways that has even surprised me.

Happy Mother’s day.


Written by waltermelton

May 10, 2009 at 9:13 pm